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Software development and necessary programs on Windows.

Software development

Sometimes, I need a specific program, and not find it despite a long research. I write then a new software. Some may be useful to you.

You will find on this site the most originals or the most successfuls, with a link to the relevant page for each of them.

Go to the page dedicated to the softwares I am writing.

Important software for Windows

Here are some informations about softwares you should install on your computer after the operating system. Although they assume a general knowledge of how works an operating system, or a software, they do not require any technical knowledge, but you should have all your common sense, and think about the ideas and facts presented. Beginners will benefit from fully reading the advice given and applying it, while apple or penguin lovers will be able to change their configuration and choose new tools to improve their system.

While it has become risky, and even dangerous, to download a software on the internet, even on sites that were trusted, like Clubic or 01Net, and where we can find now executables that install others, spywares, or even viruses, it is necessary to review the applications that are very useful, answering this question : what softwares should a user install first on his machine to make it easy and safe to use ?

Unfortunately, many of these programs disappeared from the internet, either their author has got tired and closed his site, either the software has evolved, and the new version has become pay, or too large, or less interesting, with no access to a previous version that did well his job.

I explain why these applications are useful, I give their name, and I give the opportunity to download them legally. All are free of rights for personal use or in an educational context, and their distribution is also free. I have been using them for a long time without having a problem, so you can install them with confidence. May they be as useful to you as to me.

A few words about the format of the files you will find here. The most secure is neither the self-extracting, executable that can be infected by a virus, nor the zip format which, since Windows manages it (badly), can also be infected and harm your system, but 7z and rar formats, I mostly use them. The future belongs to the 7z format, because the rar format, closed, could also, in theory, contain hidden and malicious executable code..

7zip is a freeware. I use it in version 16, which works perfectly. It is portable, which means there is no need to install it, just to copy his files and launch it. You can download it below, in an archive in zip format (this is an exception), or self-extracting (another exception, but we must start by providing a program, otherwise nothing is possible), one or the other, to the choice (the self-extracting format does not require the installation of any software, just launch the downloaded file, named 7zip.exe :

DOWNLOAD 7zip (self-extracting archive, 2,17Mo)
for Windows 32 or 64 bits


DOWNLOAD 7zip (zip, 1,37Mo)
for Windows 32 or 64 bits

After extracting the folder and the files from the archive, go to the 7Zip folder and launch 7zFM.exe.

To use an archive in rar format, either you will use 7zip, which can read 7z, zip and rar formats, either you will need the software WinRar. This is the only program you will need to get yourself: I can not provide it because it is not free.

Notes on VB40032.DLL :

My programs are written with Delphi or with Visual Basic. Those written with Delphi do not require any libraries external to Windows (but they are big). Those developed with Visual Basic use the library VB40032.DLL. The VB40032.DLL file must be in the same folder as the program or in the Windows folder, usually C: \ Windows. That's why my softwares are portables, that is, they can be copied to any medium and run the executable as is. There is no need to install the program by launching a Setup.exe file. My programs are tested with Windows XP SP2 32-bit, Windows 7 SP1 64-bit, and Windows 10 32-bit. You should not have any problems ; however, if you have a problem with Windows 10, run the program as administrator by right clicking on the icon, and choose "Run as administrator" from the menu.
So, my programs are compact and safe. I use them every day. Types in Visual Basic are not strict by default, but we can choose to use a more rigorous way. By developing in Pascal for years, I used a rigorous, precise programming. I kept these habits even with Visual Basic ; that is possible, even if it is simpler than Pascal, or Delphi, and if all is not possible, for example include a procedure in another. I use, for example, "Option Explicit", at the top of all my modules, which forces to declare everything. I have a clear programming, so debugging is easy and fast. I hope that using my programs will make you feel this clarity, this simplicity, and this efficiency, which I try to have in developing them.
Of course, Visual Basic 4 is old, so I made my own modules, that directly call Windows libraries. I no longer use any ocx component, whose registration in Windows is a problem. By no longer using these ocx libraries, the only VB40032.DLL file is enough to run all my Visual Basic programs.

Notes on Windows 10 :

If the message "Error loading from file" is displayed while launching one of my programs, it's a Windows 10 error. Run the program as administrator at least once, this should solve the problem.
Windows 10 is full of bans and bad security that prevent normal programs from running, without preventing malwares. Microsoft developers have a lot of imagination for that.

Discover in the following topics how to configure your computer under windows and which programs add in the perfect chronological order of installation on a new system :

Backup and restore the operating system

Backup and restore data

Protection against loss or theft of the computer or USB drives.

Security and malwares

Security and internet

Choose passwords

Install and uninstall programs

Various utilities

Stop the thieves!

Thefts on the internet are increasing. I am interested here in those that concern second-hand sales sites like ebay, and phone phishing. How to place an ad without having a problem, more precisely without being stolen personal information or money ? how to react to scams by sms or call on his phone ? (read more)...